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Trying to understand the subverting of America is like trying to solve a rubics cube puzzle.

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Prophecy points to great change by December 21, 2012.  It is predicted that by that date, the world will end as we know it today.  Could that prophecy and date mean the shift to world governance?  Or could that date mean something else?


“By the year 2012, these changes must be fully integrated into our economic and political life." 1992 Maurice Strong architect of Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development







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FS.jpgThe Fabian Philosophy of the American Civil Liberties Union


The ACLU seems to have derived its legal philosophy from the British Fabian Society.

Founded in 1884 by British socialists Sidney and Beatrice Webb, George Bernard Shaw and others, the Fabian plan is to implement world socialism incrementally through legislation.

Their more radical counterparts, the Bolsheviks, fomented violent revolution in order to trigger the bloody birth pangs of what they also hoped for, a socialist world.  Fabians seek a gradual path to the same totalitarian goal, Godless Communism.


Shaw named the society after the Roman General Fabius Cuncator, whose stealthy guerilla military tactics led to victory over the superior forces of the Carthaginian General, Hannibal.  Cuncator avoided open battle, preferring the strategy of wearing down his opponent with elusive hit and run maneuvers.

Like their namesake, today’s Fabians seek to avoid an open confrontation with the forces of freedom and, subsequently, tend to shield their true agenda from the light of day.


The creed of the Society, written in 1887, was as follows:

“It (The Fabian Society) therefore aims at the reorganization of society by the emancipation of land and industrial Capital from individual and class ownership…The Society accordingly works for the extinction of private property in land…”


The Fabian plan was to infiltrate America by targeting our legal system.
Sidney and Beatrice Webb, in 1898, toured American Colleges where they cultivated a following amongst native socialist intellectuals.  One of their Fabian converts, Felix Cohen, a law professor at Yale, wrote the following:

“It is possible to attempt the overthrow of capitalism as an economic system without at the same time attacking the substance of capitalist law...Socialists can learn from their adversaries that it is always possible to attack existing law, in the name of democracy, justice, and liberty, in the name of the great ideals of the American Constitution, and in the name of law itself.”


The Fabians sought to overthrow our system by changing the meaning of our stated legal concepts, and to codify those changes with cases brought by Fabian lawyers before Fabian Judges.  The effect of this has been that while the technical wording of American law hasn’t changed much, the implementation has been transferred from the citizen and his elected representatives, to appointed bureaucrats.  The Fabians have, diabolically, used our own laws to change the law.  Freedom is the victim of these Socialist manipulations.


English intellectual Harold Laski, a Fabian disciple of the Webbs, founded the ACLU along with his American Fabian influenced associates Felix Frankfurter, Norman Thomas and John Dewey.

Other leftist founders included Rev Harry Ward, founder of the communist front Federal Council of Churches, William Z. Foster, Chairman of the American Communist Party and author of “Toward Soviet America,” Communist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Socialist Eugene V. Debs, and Clarence Darrow, who was the ACLU attorney at the Scopes trial.

Each one of these figures would wield pivotal influence over American society and would contribute mightily toward the implementation of the long-term Fabian goal of atheist tyranny. 


Frankfurter would go on to an appointment, by Franklin D. Roosevelt, to the Supreme Court where his progressive fingerprints can be found all over decisions transferring sovereign citizen rights to a “liberal” elite.

Harry Ward would be a significant force in subverting the American Protestant Church in the direction of godless humanism.

John Dewey is considered the father of “progressive” education, with the deliberate dumbing down tactics that dominate today.

Clarence Darrow spearheaded the implementation of the theory of evolution as a state mandated religious doctrine.


In the name of liberty, the Fabians seek to destroy individual rights.  While they smugly wrap themselves in the Constitution, they plot to transfer power to bureaucracies staffed with their friends and paid for by those who’s freedoms they seek to usurp.  They seek to entangle us in a jungle of laws, phrased in incomprehensible language, upon which we will not be able to extricate ourselves.  Their central crusade is the eradication of GOD in public life.


Chuck Morse Is the author of “Why I’m a Right-Wing Extremist” due out in August www.chuckmorse.com


(1883 to 1996)

By: Rebekah Sutherland


I am a public school educated, public school trained science teacher with a Masters degree in the Sciences.   I know that I have never heard about the Fabian Society with its influence upon the American political system.  May I share some recent research?



"In 1883, the year in which Karl Marx died, a group of restless English intellectuals formed a new socialist organization.  The group called itself the LONDON FABIAN SOCIETY . . . the Fabians are committed to achieving socialism gradually by passing new laws.  Thus, the Marxists are revolutionary socialists, while the Fabians are evolutionary socialists . . . . The key element in all of the ideas [ of the group ] is environmentalism -- the belief that man was not created by God but is the product of his

surroundings and that to change man, one must simply manipulate the economic, political, and social environment."


"The early Fabians were all vehement in their denial of God and their rejection of the historic Christian faith, although they were not above using liberal Christian ministers to advance their cause . . . . The Fabians chose POLITICS, EDUCATION, and the PRINTED WORD as the primary media through which they would persuade the people of the need for change.  Leading Fabians were to penetrate the political parties, the labor unions, the government offices, the schools, the press, and Parliament by securing key positions in these institutions."


"The first changes in English life were made in the schools.  Because of its Christian culture, Victorian England had viewed education as a way to train each individual to use his God-given abilities for the glory of God . . . Fabianism, in common with liberalism, progressivism, and the other new philosophies of the 20th century, called for a new philosophy of education.  [They ] espoused PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION (education that adjusts the student to society in order progressively to bring in a new world)."


"Education was now viewed as the most advanced phase of the social evolutionary process; thus, the goal of the new education was to adjust the individual to his environment and to control the child for the sake of the welfare of the society. . . EDUCATION BECAME A MEANS OF DESTROYING TRADITIONAL BELIEFS, ATTITUDES, AND VALUES in order to prepare the British people for socialism . . . Accordingly, education began to be centralized, and curriculum, discipline, and teaching methods were revised to fit the goal of SOCIALIZATION."


Examples of Fabian members are:  Bertrand Russell, H.G. Wells, Sir Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley, John Maynard Keynes.


"The English British Labour Party formed in 1906 . . . and it adopted for its permanent party platform a Fabian study entitled LABOUR AND THE NEW SOCIAL ORDER. It proposed what it termed  -- The Four Pillars of the House :


(1) a national minimum wage and state-financed social welfare programs 

(2) government control of land, utilities, transportation, mining, and heavy industry  

(3) abolition of private savings and private investment through confiscatory taxation 

(4) disarmament, an international court, international economic controls, international social legislation, and an international One-World authority.


Many of these aims were incorporated into the League of Nations and later the United Nations."


"Few Americans describe themselves as socialists; European socialists, however, point out that in America -- LIBERALISM -- means the same as socialism in Europe. . . .


Liberalism is rooted in the desire of fallen human nature to be freed from the shackles of established authority and accepted norms. . . . The primary value of practicing liberals, therefore, is a liberty divorced from moral absolutes, which often becomes licentiousness. . . . Robert Niesbet, a respected scholar from Columbia University, points out that there is another side to the liberal mindset:  a desire for centralized political power."


Americans who have supported liberal ideals are:  John Dewey, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, B.F. Skinner, Betty Friedan, Francis Crick, Isaac Asimov.



A recent article has appeared in the journal called, SOCIETY, (v. 27 Jan./Feb.1990 p. 71).  Its title is "1890-1990: up from Fabian socialism". 


Article's ABSTRACT in USC's library database:  


     "Sidney Webb's Fabian Essays, published in England in 1890, purged socialism of its romantic elements and paved the way for today's almost universal subservience of the individual to the state.  Based on Bismarck's Prussian model, Webb's concept of bureaucratic planning and management for public welfare, known as FABIANISM, NOW THRIVES IN ENGLAND, THE UNITED STATES, FRANCE, and elsewhere."



EXCERPTS from the article: 


     ". . . Fabianism flourished when the double impact of WWI and the Great Depression had destroyed many other illusions.  In spite of its claim to be a form of socialism, FABIANISM BECAME ASSIMILATED BY LIBERALS, as liberalism took on the ideas of state regulation of the economy, bureaucratic planning, income transfers to relieve poverty, and the subordination of civil and political rights to so-called social and economic rights.  This is as true of American as of English liberals, despite America's deep traditional attachment to economic freedom."


"Between 1890 and 1990 an age of imperialism has given way, not to an age of self-determination, but to an age of almost universal subservience of the individual to the state."  


AUTHOR:   Maurice W. Cranston, Professor of Political Science, LONDON School of Economics and Political Science.



For forty years, our Congress was controlled by the liberal democrats of this country.  I see a political war for American values taking place during the Republican primaries as this country prepares to vote for the next President.


My concern is that most Americans are illiterate about the deliberate and slowly controlled movement which has come from the Fabian Society.  Even more alarming, there are now two generations who have been taught in a public school system which teaches both children and teachers to think . . .and VOTE . . .  liberal democrat.


IT SHOULD BE NOTED that the federal bureaucracy called the U.S. Department of

Education did not exist in this country until President Jimmy Carter instituted it in 1979. The American Constitution leaves the duty of education at the state level of government.


I support my observations with the following quote from the Secretary of Education, Mr. Riley.  He has a letter in the teaching magazine, TEACHING K-8, dated May, 1995 which states:


"The education budget that President Clinton proposed to Congress – arrived at after much analysis and deliberation - was remarkable because it was so responsible.  Instead of randomly cutting education programs across the board, as the new Congress has done, it made significant cuts in many programs that had outlived their usefulness, . . .  It concerns me that some members of Congress, in their haste to meet an arbitrary deadline, are focusing on short-term solutions, like changing the school lunch program, CUTTING more than $100 million in Title I funding . . . And, as I'm sure you have heard, they've even proposed shutting down the Department of Education. . . .


So all the recent talk about eliminating the U.S. Dept. of Education or cutting out basic education programs that work is, to my mind, out of step with the American people.  And, I don't think its the kind of message we want to be sending to our CHILDREN, or to the rest of the world, in this day and age."


If I am misunderstanding the relevance of the historical Fabian Society, I would like for someone to enlighten me.  
If I am correct that it is a driving force for liberals in both the Democrat and Republican parties, 
then I invite you to educate others about it.  
The best tool for eliminating Socialism is the voting booth.  Please, use it wisely. 



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Agenda 21 is not the “Bill of Rights”.  It is not “The Declaration of Independence”.  And it is not the “U.S. Constitution”.  It has never been decided on by the American people that “Agenda 21” should be our new bible.  Our guiding light into the 21st century.  It is being pushed on us by a bunch of self righteous elitist like Nancy Pelosi.  It empowers those who agree and indoctrinates those who do not, and you are going to think you are having a bad dream when it comes into your home.
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